"A baby is born with a need to be loved -
and never outgrows it."
-Frank Howard Clark

Infants - Our Observers 

Creative Minds Academy understands the importance of early education and that is why we are one of the few preschools offering infant care starting at 6 weeks of age. Exploration and discovery is just the beginning for your young observer and we understand the importance of ensuring a safe, nurturing, and educational environment during these early years. The development of cognitive and social skills are also key at this age, and by teaching infants sign language we help develop early communication skills. To encourage word development, we sing, teach your infants music and songs, and use flash cards. We introduce Christianity during these formative years as we read stories and sing songs from the Bible. The primary goal in beginning to teach about Christianity is to make it a natural part of each child’s experience; just like love and hugs. We understand how important the care of your child is and because we recognize this, we consider it a privilege to care for your infant.

Creative Minds Academy realizes the independence and exploration that comes when a toddler begins to blossom and grow; and every child’s development is unique and complex. We encourage their natural ability to investigate and explore the world around them, while developing their listening, cognitive, social, and language skills in preparation for preschool by using love, patience, and experience. We allow each toddler the opportunity to learn at their own pace by observing while they explore, guiding as they reach for independence, and encouraging them when they become frustrated. Because a toddler learns through the use of their senses, visual aids along with songs are a great beginning to teach about Christ. We introduce them to pictures and coloring books about the life and stories of Jesus, making this time a special experience. Your toddler will begin to associate good Christian values and morals with warmth and love.
Two Year Olds - Explorers  

Two year olds quickly learn their independence and become very sure of themselves. They use their senses and motor skills to explore the world, and we encourage their natural ability to be curious about unfamiliar objects and surroundings. We cultivate this curiosity and challenge them to solve problems, and that is why we introduce the A Beka Curriculum at this age. This curriculum helps them identify colors, shapes, numbers, and sounds at an early age in preparation for early learning while teaching Christian fundamentals. We teach them about the world around them and that God created everything and everyone. We begin teaching about God by taking them to our weekly chapel sessions, teaching them to pray at circle time and before meals, having them learn and memorize Bible verses, and teaching them about different stories in the Bible.
Pre School  

Three Year Olds - Our Adventurers
Four Year Olds - Our Pioneers

They are filled with so much wonder and they will have 101 questions for you. Our blended curriculum is designed to give your child the freedom to increase their independence, get along with others, learn to share, but also to teach them how to find the answers to all their questions and provide a well-rounded education. Creative Minds Academy believes that hands-on learning is key in the development of preschoolers to successfully integrate them into Kindergarten.

This preparation begins by increasing their knowledge of math, further developing their language, writing and reading abilities, and teaching social etiquette. We provide a safe and challenging environment encouraging their natural ability to be adventurous and explorative. This is an important time in their life and how it is nurtured will determine their success in future accomplishments. By providing the appropriate tools and toys we can help them reach their full potential. We give each child the tools and equipment to meet the challenges, making them good listeners, great observers, and giving them a desire to learn. Giving each child good choices and supporting them while they play is a very important aspect of our Academy; all while continuing to instill good Christian morals and developing strong character.


In an effort to prepare your child for Kindergarten, Creative Minds Academy offers VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten). Our Voyagers meet from 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm. We also have our full day wrap around care known as the Discovery Room.

Our Discovery Room
Outstanding in its educational focus, designed to reach beyond traditional class setting and teaching strategies, we cultivate your child's genius using the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The Discovery Program also has an emphasis on "Our World". Every month, children are taught about a new country, taking field trips associated with that country. Our Discovery Room will teach your child to read, write, introduce them to other languages, and teach them how to make a portfolio of their work throughout the year. We understand the importance of education and preparation, and do our best to provide an outstanding educational experience. The goal is to ensure that your child has a love for learning once they start Kindergarten, setting the standards for their future education.

Even though a child may not fully grasp the implications, they will know that they are part of a loving group and it all has something to do with God.

After Care / Camp

Creative Minds Academy's Aftercare Program offer academic and recreational programs for children after school. In addition, we also offer special programs for early-release and no-school days as well as programs for the winter, spring, and summer break.

Our program is run by a Certified Instructor ensuring that each child is in a safe and engaging environment, having the opportunity to complete their homework assignments. We offer homework assistance and tutoring if needed.

We create a relaxed atmosphere where children can explore their creativity by creating art, shoot hoops on the basketball court, or relax in our media room and read a book. We draw upon the most effective academic, fitness, and nutritional programs to make learning more fun and keep them challenged.

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